Pyongyang Maternity Hospital

Pyongyang Maternity Hospital

평양산원 (平壤産院)

Location: Pyongyang

Pyongyang Maternity Hospital 1


A large maternity hospital and medical training centre located in Pyongyang. The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital is a North Korean cultural icon that features regularly in the state media. Visitors can take a tour of the facilities.


Travel Information


  • Visitors can tour the main complex and the newly-built breast cancer clinic attached to the main building.


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Best times to visit

  • Any.
Pyongyang Maternity Hospital 2 breast cancer clinic

Foyer of the breast cancer clinic.

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Built in 1978 as a part of the Pyongyang Speed Campaign, which aimed to expand construction of public facilities in the capital.

Fact File

  • A number of foreign babies have been born here.
  • Images of the hospital can be seen decorating blankets and other such everyday items. In North Korean state media it functions as a symbol of the warm loving care of North Korea’s leaders towards its people.
  • The building’s winged design is said to represent a mother’s embrace. The Okryu Children’s Hospital, constructed across the road, is together with the maternity hospital said to represent the mother and child relationship.


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