Moranbong Theatre

Moranbong Theatre

모란봉극장 (牡丹峰劇場)

Location: Pyongyang


A theatre located in Moranbong Park. Features a Soviet-influenced neoclassical design. It is one of the oldest buildings in Pyongyang. State Symphony Orchestra performances can be attended here.


Travel Information


  • Be sure to check out the exterior and interior of this magnificent building.


  • 20 euros out of pocket for a ticket to see the State Symphony Orchestra. Can be paid in Chinese yuan or USD.

Best times to visit

Moranbong Theatre 2 State Symphony Orchestra Pyongyang

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First built in 1946 the year after liberation from Japanese rule. Destroyed in 1950 during the Korean War but rebuilt soon after. Renovated in 2004 on the orders of Kim Jong Il.

Fact File

  • In 2006 a special concert was held commemorating the 250th anniversary of the birth of Mozart.
  • The State Symphony Orchestra is essentially a Western symphony orchestra, but it also incorporates traditional Korean instruments such as the Kayagum into its program.
  • The orchestra plays Western classical music as well as Korean revolutionary and folk songs.


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Moranbong Theatre 4 view Pyongyang

View from the front of Moranbong Theatre towards Moranbong Park and Changjon Street.



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