Moranbong Park

Moranbong Park

모란봉공원 (牡丹峰公園)

Location: Pyongyang

Moran Hill Park Moranbong Park Pyongyang


Moran Hill (“Moran” meaning “peony”), or “Moranbong” in central Pyongyang forms a beautiful park which has been a popular leisure spot for locals since premodern times. Take a leisurely stroll through the grounds and enjoy the wonderful view of the Taedong River and centre of Pyongyang from Ulmildae and other Yi Dynasty pavilions atop the peak. On weekends and public holidays the park is full of picnicking Koreans engaged in drinking, song and dance. These are good opportunities to mix with the locals. Practice your best moves—you may be pulled into a dance!’’


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  • Practice your singing and best dance moves, you may be invited to party with locals!


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Best times to visit

  • Sundays are the best times to come here for a bit of festive atmosphere. There’ll be crowds of people picnicking, drinking, singing and dancing.
  • In terms of season, you’re best off coming when there’s foliage, so spring, summer or autumn. Koreans love the red and yellow autumn leaves.

Moran Hill Park Moranbong Park Pyongyang

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During the Koguryo period (39-668AD), a fortress and city wall were placed here for the defense of Pyongyang. The fortifications were the site of important battles several wars in Korean history such as the Imjin War, and the first Sino-Korean War. The park contains several heritage structures built during dynastic Korea, such as Ulmil Pavilion, Chilsong Gate, and Pubyok Pavilion. These were destroyed by US carpet bombing during the Korean War. Most have been reconstructed and are designated as national treasures.

Fact File

  • Moran Hill is considered one of the “Eight Views of Korea” (조선팔경;朝鮮八景), that is one of the eight most beautiful natural sceneries of Korea.
  • Yongmyongsa, a temple that was an important centre of Korean Buddhism, was once located here. It was destroyed by US bombing during the Korean War. Today only the annex, Pubyok Pavilion, remains.
  • The Moranbong Band, North Korean girl group and presently the most popular musical act in the country, is named after Moran Hill.


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Moran Hill Park Moranbong Park Pyongyang



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