Kim Song Ju Elementary School

Kim Song Ju Elementary School


Location: Pyongyang

Kim Song Ju Elementary School Pyongyang


A primary school located by the Taedong River in the heart of Pyongyang. Visitors can play table tennis with the children, see the school museum and facilities, and view a children’s performance.


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  • A great place to get your photo taken with cute Korean kids while gaining some insight into North Korea’s education system.


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  • Open weekdays.

Kim Song Ju Elementary School table tennis

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Kim Song Ju Elementary School was first built after liberation from Japanese colonial rule in the 1940s as Pyongyang Number 2 People’s School (평양제2인민학교). It was renovated in 2012 around the time of the 100th anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s birth.

Fact File

  • The table tennis class is very skilled! Playing against these children will be a real test of your ability.
  • The performances—which consist of song, dance, and folk arts, will also blow you away!
  • The school is named after Kim Il Sung. Kim Song Ju is Kim Il Sung’s birth name. Kim Il Sung was taken on as a name during his years in his 20s fighting as an anti-Japanese guerilla in Manchuria.
  • A bronze statue of Kim Il Sung as a youth can be found at the front of the school.
  • Children’s essays and drawings:
  • Some of the propaganda posters found in the school:
  • Misc picture gallery:


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