Changgwang Health Complex

Changgwang Health Complex


Location: Pyongyang

Changgwang Health Complex

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Constructed in the 1980s in grand socialist modernist style, Changgwang Health Complex is the largest and most iconic of the public health complexes that can be found all over the country. Take in this architectural statement from both the exterior and interior before making use of its facilities: barbers, saunas, public and private baths, massage and an Olympic swimming pool.


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  • Here you can choose a haircut style from the famous display boards of socialist hairdos. But hairdressers can do your hair according to your request or a picture that you bring in yourself too!


  • Fee applies. Inquire for more details.

Best times to visit

  • Open to foreigners on Saturday.

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Changgwang Health Complex was opened in March 1980.

Fact File

  • The bath area is 4 storeys high, the swimming area is 2 storeys high.
  • According to North Korean media, 5000 people use the facilities each day. The complex can support 16,000 at one time, and in one year, 1,800,000 people use the facilities.
  • The line for entry can get very long. Even though each neighbourhood has its own health complex, people will be willing to come from as far as even the provinces to visit Changgwang Health Complex because its facilities are the best.


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