Making friends on a budget north korea tour with tongil tours

6-Day DPRK classic journey (budget)
The Chollima
5 nights, 6 days

a Safe, budget, learning adventure with Korea experts who speak the language.

Tongil Tours is committed to economical, high-quality tours to North Korea.
For no extra charge, get a Korean-speaking expert guide on all of our open tours. No other tour operator makes this offer, let alone at our competitive rates.

  • Guaranteed: We will deliver you a reasonable price on this tour. And we believe this is a great price on a 5-night, 6-day tour to North Korea led by a Western, Korean-speaking expert in Korean culture and history;
  • Guaranteed: The best expert introduction to DPRK history & culture;
  • Guaranteed: Quick, personalised customer service;
  • No extra charge: Western, Korean-speaking experts who’ve studied Korea at the undergraduate and graduate levels. No other tour operator makes this offer at such low rates;
  • Unique experience: North Korea by train–a wonderful way to experience the country-side in a relaxing way;
  • Hassle-free pricing: All-inclusive, lodging, transport, and meals while in DPRK;
  • Flexible transport options: Book a round-trip flight from Beijing; or add the train journey to Dandong from Beijing; or just meet the group in Dandong and go in from there (default)



Tongil Tours is the only North Korea tour operator staffed by Korean-speaking Westerners with academic backgrounds in Korean studies who personally lead every tour. If you are looking for something more than your average in-and-out tour of North Korea this is for you! Tongil Tours is uniquely equipped to bring you greater depth, insight and nuance with our knowledge of Korea’s language, culture, and history. We can also bring you into closer contact with its people through the rapport that speaking Korean provides. And all this for a good price.

Booking is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 !


• All 6-day DPRK Classic Journeys are SATURDAY-THURSDAY (except the Feb 2018 tour)
• All 6-day classic journeys start and conclude in Beijing(optional) or Dandong, China
• options for round trip flight from Beijing, and train extension round trip to Dandong from Beijing

DEPOSIT DUE at time of booking: €250

2018 DATES
June 23-28 | Summer Tour
July 7-12 | Summer Tour 2
August 11-16 | DPRK Independence Day Tour (AUG 15)
DEC 29-JAN 3 | New Year’s Edition

2019 DATES
February 14-19* | Kim Jong-il BD – FEB 16
April 13-18 | Kim Il Sung Birthday – APR 15

*Thursday to Tuesday

Book a private tour based on this itinerary and pricing on any Saturday-Thursday
Contact us Here for details.



6-Day North Korea Tour

DAY 0 – FRIDAY – For Beijing train departures

4PM – Meet Tongil Tours staff at Beijing Railway Station and get ready for the interesting and leisurely Beijing-Dandong overnighter. Be sure to stock up on snacks, water, and food for Friday night meal. Cafe and snacks available on board, though more expensive.
5:30PM – Train departs. Dinner and drinks on train. Overnight aboard the train (soft sleeper bunks). Continental breakfast on train (included)
7AM – Arrival in Dandong, transfer to Dandong-Pyongyang international train and meet fellow travellers who are in Dandong.


For Dandong train departures
7AM – Meet Tongil Tours staff and fellow travellers joining group from Beijing extension train at Dandong Railway Station. Pre-briefing, plus DPRK visas and train tickets.
10AM- China exit procedures in Dandong, followed by DPRK entry procedures in Sinuiju.
5PM- Meet our Korean guides at Pyongyang Railway Station.

For Beijing plane departures
10 AM (Beijing time) – A Tongil Tours staff member will be ready to meet participants at a location in central Beijing to deliver tickets and visas. Assemble at Koryo Air flight counter in Beijing International Airport Terminal 2 for quick briefing session before taking Air Koryo flight JS 152 to Pyongyang at 12:55pm.

12:55 pm – (Beijing time) – Estimated flight take off time. Flight time – approx. two hours.
3:30 pm – (Pyongyang time, half an hour later than Beijing time) – Estimated time of arrival in Pyongyang. Upon arrival, meet our Korean guides at Sunan International Airport. Head into Pyongyang to see some sites, and to meet your other fellow travellers.

Mansu Hill Grand Monument
Local micro-brewery for local beer (€2/pint)

Kaeson Youth Park
Overnight in Sosan Hotel


AM – Breakfast in the hotel

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun – Mausoleum where the bodies of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il lie in state.
Moran Hill Park – Take a leisurely stroll through the grounds and enjoy the wonderful view of the Taedong River and centre of Pyongyang


Mangyongdae Native House (birthplace of Kim Il-sung)
Pyongyang Metro
Victorious Fatherland Liberation Museum (Korean War)
USS Pueblo, US spy ship
Juche Tower, optional elevator to top for great view: (€5)
Stroll along Taedong River (weather permitting)

After dinner, we head to a local micro-brewery for a pint of local beer. (€2/pint)
Overnight in Sosan Hotel

DAY 3 – MONDAY – KAESONG, The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), AND SHOPPING

AM – Breakfast at hotel

The Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) at Panmunjom and the Joint Security Area (JSA).

Here tourists can visit the Armistice Talks Hall, the Armistice Signing Hall and Panmunjom Peace Village from the northern side.

LUNCH – For lunch, we head to Kaesong to enjoy a meal of local specialties said to have been the cuisine of royalty. Optional meal upgrade: traditional stuffed chicken hot pot with ginseng and pomegranate. (EUR 30) Koryo History Museum – This museum is dedicated to Kaesong’s past as capital of Koryo Dynasty Korea (which lasted from 919 to 1394 AD). Sonjuk Bridge – Constructed in 1290, Sonjuk Bridge is a Koryo dynasty stone bridge located in central Kaesong City. Tomb of King Kongmin – Completed in 1372, this is the tomb of King Kongmin, 31st king of the Koryo Dynasty and his wife, Mongolian princess and later Korean queen, Queen Noguk. Drive to Sariwon, halfway between Kaesong and Pyongyang.Sariwon Folk Village – A folk culture-themed thoroughfare in downtown Sariwon adorned with traditional style gates, ponds and pavilions.

DAY 4 – TUESDAY – Mount Myohang and Int’l Friendship Exhibition

AM – Breakfast at hotel

Mount Myohyang – one of the most famous mountains in the Korean peninsula. It is known for its scenic beauty and as a sacred place with various myths and legends associated with it. Mount Myohyang Manpok Hiking Trail – A mildly strenuous hiking trail that follows graceful mountain streams and waterfalls up through lush pine forests to several successive viewing platforms. Popular among local hikers. Sangwon Hermitage – First founded as early as the 10th century, the present structures that make up this picturesque Buddhist hermitage date from the 16th century. International Friendship Exhibition – This complex is where gifts from foreigners to North Korea’s leaders are stored and exhibited, including gifts from Dennis Rodman.

Dinner and overnight at Chongchon Hotel in the mountains.

DAY 5 – WEDNESDAY – Pyongyang

AM – Breakfast at hotel

Ryongmun Caves – An expansive cave network located near Mount Myohyang in North Pyongan Province.

Drive back to Pyongyang (approx. two hours).
Pyongyang Schoolchildren’s Palace – children’s performance
visit a local Middle or High School, where we will be given a tour of the grounds and then drop in on an English lesson where we will be able to chat and interact with the students.
Korean Art Gallery – The DPRK’s main art gallery situated in the heart of Pyongyang on Kim Il Square.


After dinner, weather-permitting, we will take a stroll along victory street, in downtown Pyongyang. Overnight in Sosan Hotel.


AM – Breakfast at hotel

For Pyongyang-Dandong train departures
10AM – Departure from Pyongyang Train Station.
5PM – Arrival in Dandong Station
(tour officially closes for Dandong only travellers)

For Pyongyang-Beijing plane departures
AM – After breakfast, we drive to Sunan airport for Air Koryo JS 251 Y back to Beijing.
10:30AM (Pyongyang time) – Estimated departure time. Flight time – approximately two hours.
12 noon- (Beijing time, half an hour earlier than Pyongyang time) – Estimated arrival time.
(tour officially closes for air travellers at this time in Beijing Capital Airport, terminal 2.)

Upon arrival in Dandong at 5pm Thursday, you will transfer to your Dandong-Bejing overnight train, on which you will have dinner, as well as breakfast the following morning before arrival in Beijing. Cafe car, snacks and water available on train.

7AM – Arrive in Beijing Station
(tour officially closes for Beijing extension travellers)

NOTE ABOUT THE ITINERARY: Upon arrival in Pyongyang, as with all travel to the DPRK, availability of activities on the above itinerary are subject to seasonal availability, last minute changes on the DPRK side, and many other factors. 95% of the time the itinerary above will run, but some activities may not be on some itineraries and will be replaced with comparable substitutes. Changes in itinerary are sometimes last minute, and determined in the moment, solely by our DPRK guides. Although we do our best to make sure that the itinerary is kept, Tongil Tours will not be held responsible for changes in the itinerary that are beyond our control, and all travellers to the DPRK should maintain an attitude of flexibility at all times.


Further Details

IMPORTANT: Chinese double-entry visa
lease make sure you have a Chinese re-entry visa. Also note that the 72-hour visa is not valid for train use.

Included / Not Included

Pre-departure email
Before departure, we will send out a pre-departure email with general information
to note for the trip such as what to pack, and other important information.

Optional reading list
With all of our tours, we send our participants an optional reading list (consisting
mostly of items either free for view on the internet, or that will be shared with participants)
to assist travellers in contextualising their North Korea travel experience.
This is sent to travellers after a booking has been finalised.

Optional academic briefing
As specialists in educational tourism to the DPRK, we firmly believe in delivering an experience that is not only fun, but also allows travellers to learn a little about the country. We can arrange for academic experts in North Korean studies to conduct a 90 minute academic seminar over Skype. Contact us for more information.

Included in the tour fee:
• Round trip train ticket from Dandong, China to Pyongyang
• Twin room lodging and accommodation in the DPRK (single room surcharge- €50 euro per night, also payable in AUD, USD, or RMB)
• Three meals a day in the DPRK (excluding optional meals in out of pocket restaurants)
• All transportation in the DPRK
• Local English-speaking DPRK guides
• Korean-speaking Western academic guide from Tongil Tours
• Most admission fees

Not included in the tour fee:
• Round-trip airfare/transport to Beijing from home country
• Beijing hotel accommodations
• DPRK visa services (€65) — complete management and convenient delivery at time of tour departure from either Dandong or Beijing. No need to send passport ahead of time, either.
• Chinese visa fees and processing (if necessary)
• Travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance (required)
• Gifts, souvenirs, snacks, hotel services, miscellaneous purchases
• Extra drinks during meals (one complimentary beer and bottled water included with most meals)

Out of pocket expenses
These expenses are not included in the tour fee. It will be necessary to bring a little extra in cash – either Chinese yuan, Euros, or US dollars, into North Korea to pay for these expenses on the day. Prices are listed in euros, but may also be payed in USD or RMB. Note that prices are subject to change.

NOTE: As with all travel within the DPRK, activities are available or not available at any given time depending on seasons and other factors. This is just a list of possible activities, and some activities below may not be on your itinerary.

• Kaeson Youth Funfair ticket, €20 euro. Entry without going on the rides, €5 euro
• Tips for the guides and driver (in total from each traveller), €5 euro per night stayed
• Juche Tower elevator ticket (for those wishing to see the view at the top), €5 euro
• Micro-brewed beer (a pint) – €2 euro approx.
• Possibility for a visit to a café, Italian, hamburger, or other special restaurant – €7-
€14 euro approx.
• Ryongmun Caves entry, €4 euro